Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eye Studies Part 3: Brian Duey, "How to Draw a Realistic Eye"

From Vanderpoel's idealized eyes to Blake and Lawn's sketchy eyes, I move next (I'm going alphabetically after Vanderpoel, by the way) to Brian Duey's realistic style.

Mr. Duey's online tutorial is not a lesson in the construction of the eye, nor does it go into detail about why the eye is drawn a certain way. In his own words, the tutorial is intended "to show the different steps that I take in drawing a realistic eye". Duey's ability to photorealistically depict an eye is demonstrated in 15 steps, from the contour drawing to the cleanup and adding of minute details. His tutorial describes how to take a drawing of an eye to the next - or maybe highest - level. Using keen observation and careful use of shading and blending (this was my first exercise in using a blending stump, or tortillon), Duey explains the process he uses to make a "believable looking" drawing of an eye. I can only hope to attain such a level of talent one day.

The first drawing is based on the one in Duey's tutorial; the second was based on a photo of an eye by Dave King.

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