Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - 3/4 Profile

I've always thought that William S. Burroughs had an interesting face, especially when he got really old, so I decided to make him the subject of my 3/4 profile portrait. Although this is really a middle aged William S. Burroughs, he's still got enough lines and sags in his face to make it fun to draw. I drew this one during my lunch break earlier this week and did some fixing of it today. I learned a valuable lesson, since I didn't follow all of the rules of measuring explained in the book. Originally, the right side of Mr. Burroughs' head was too large, and it bothered me until I fixed it today, being careful to measure the distance that his ear should be from his eye. I think it's much better now, although I'm still not entirely happy with it.


Sam said...

You do beautiful work.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really nice work !

Stephen said...

Thank you both, Sam and Andrew. If you have any comments or criticism, I'd love to hear them.